Friday, January 14, 2011

I need legging advice!

So for Christmas, I got 2 pairs of black leggings from Charlotte Russe. I'm in desperate need of some new ones, all the ones I have are either old or are capri for the summer. The leggings from CR are their nylon seamless style and I really liked them. However, I had to return one of the pairs because when I went to try them on one pair had a huge hole in it already right down the seam. So the other night I was trying them on with some outfits. I was a little skeptical about them because they looked too spandexy (so not a word) and I wasn't sure if they would look ok like the regular cotton ones. I was wrong, I thought they looked great! Unfortunately, when I tried them on they BOTH ripped again! They don't rip on the seam, they run like pantyhose! I swear! I was like, what am I wearing...stockings or leggings?! And incase you're wondering they were the right size! I wasn't trying to jam myself into something (even though I've been known to do that).

So after all that...I need your advice on leggings. I know you all wear them. I'm going shopping this weekend for them. I want black, cotton, that go all the way to my ankles and I don't want to spend $30 a pair (they're leggings for crying out loud!) So where should I go? Target? H&M? GAP? Express? Let me know ladies, I know I can always count on you to help me out of a fashion jam!

♥ Erin


Virginia Belle said...

I have several pairs of leggings from Ann Taylor Loft. They always seem to have a sale going on (right now 40% off) so I never buy them at full price! Good luck finding a pair you love!

Krystal said...

My Target leggings are just fine. I, however, don't wear leggings very often though! I feel like a weirdo... maybe it's just the Floridian in me!

Jules said...

I usually get mine from NY&CO when they send their coupons out. They're definitely a cotton/spandex mix so you shouldn't have the problems you're having with the CR leggings.

Erin said...

So far this weekend I picked up a pair from H&M, but I'll def check out all of your selections! Thanks ladies!