Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Please excuse my recent absence...

I know I've been MIA since Thanksgiving, but I swear I have a good reason! I'll get to it just give me a minute.

First let me start off by telling you that I did not take any pictures while at mom's in SC because we treated it like a lazy vacation. Literally, all we did was eat, sleep and watch TV. We went to the mall once, was not impressed and ended up going home and shopping online! I only get to see my Mom a few times a year since she lives so far away. Every year I go see her for Thanksgiving. My parents have been split since I was 3 so since then she has always gotten me for Thanksgiving while my Dad gets me for Christmas. It's been that way my whole life. Ever since Tim came into my life, he alternates with me. One year he comes with me and we drive down (with the dogs). Then the next year I fly down and he goes to PA (with the dogs). This was our year to drive and our first big drive with Utley. She gets carsick so we had to give her some Dramamine and it worked great (thank goodness). I can't wait till she gets over the whole carsickness thing because she's so good in the car! She just sleeps, unlike Dakota who sits and pants the whole time. I ended up taking a picture of them on the way down because I was texting Tim's mom and she wanted to know how they were doing. This is what the back of my car looked like!
Since we weren't sure how Utley was going to be we put her in her cage. She slept like that for all 7 hours, it was great. I'm sure it was also because we left at 2 am and drove through the night.

My Mom rescues dogs and she currently has 8! She's a saint. So the house was filled with 4 adults and 10 dogs! Let's just say there wasn't a dull moment. Don't worry, not all dogs were out all at once. It's a little hectic, but what my mom does is amazing. Some of the dogs she's rescued from really bad situations like abuse, neglect, etc. and they are still wonderful, loving animals.

Anyway, since my birthday is December 21st my Mom always gets me my bday and Christmas/Hanukkah presents when I visit. One of the gifts she got me was...
Steve Madden Intyce Boots in Cognac

I've been wanting these boots since the end of summer! There's a story to go along with these boots and I will explain in a later post. Let's just say, my mom ordered these boots for me over Thanksgiving and I still haven't gotten them yet. Nordstroms and I are fighting right now, don't worry I'll tell you all about it once it's settled.

Tim and I also wanted a new higher end set of pots and pans because ours are on their last leg. I haven't received them yet, but you guys know how much I love to cook so I'm really looking forward to getting them.

So for my big news and the reason I've been MIA the last couple weeks...I don't even think I've mentioned what I do for a living on here and I don't plan on bringing that part of me to this blog for a number of reasons. Currently I'm working in a field that I don't like. I needed a job when I moved to DC and this was what I got; I was very grateful for it especially during a recession. I majored in PR and Marketing in college and ultimately wanted to get back to it. Finally, I was given an opportunity with a company to start my public relations career. My last day at my current job is Friday and I start my new job on Monday, December 13th. I couldn't be happier about this new opportunity. My plan is to keep this blog, but please bear with me during this transition. I will do my best to keep up with my regular posting and update you on how everything is going on. Thank you for all your support and well wishes!

Finally saw HP7 Part 1 while in SC! Absolutely loved it! I was reading the last book when I saw it and had gotten to the point where they concluded the first part of the film. I just have to say that the movie was great, the book had me on the edge of my seat the whole time and I can't freaking wait until the final movie comes out!

Picked up Eclipse on Blu Ray this week! Tim and I watched it last night. It is soooo clear in Blu Ray, I definitely recommend it if you have a Blu Ray player.

Had a girls night last Friday and we all went to Restaurant 3 in Arlington. If you haven't been there I suggest you head on over. You'll definitely want to try the Bacon Infused Bloody Mary and the Fried Green Tomatoes...mmmmm, it was sooo good!

My Bacon Infused Bloody Mary (yes it had a slice of bacon in it!), it was made with bacon vodka and it was delicious!

Well that's what's been going on with me! I've got some more posts planned for this week so don't you worry!

♥ Erin


Miss K said...

wow! you've been a busy bee!! sounds like a great trip with your mom! i can't believe you don't have the boots yet, i hope it works out soon. i love my pair!

Kristin said...

I looooooove bloody marys and that one looks most delish!