Monday, October 18, 2010

Sound That Will Knock My Socks Off & the PlayStation Move

This weekend we got a new Sony Bravia surround sound to compliment our awesome flat screen TV we have. We've been wanting to get this for a while, but have always opted for other things like a PS3 or a new vacuum cleaner instead. We belong to the rewards program at Best Buy and have a credit card through them that makes it really hard to buy things anywhere else. We get 0% APR, great deals and gift cards towards purchases. We get everything for a steal. For some reason the sound we get out of our TV when we're watching cable is very low and we've been wanting to upgrade. Hopefully Tim will get this set up sometime this week so I can watch the rest of the Phillies games cranked up!

Instead of a Wii we decided to get the PlayStation move that has been raved about by everyone. I've played the Wii and let me tell you, this thing is awesome. I recommend it to anyone. Our neighbors got it too so we just share remotes and travel between houses. It's very fun. Does anyone else have this? What do you guys think?

♥ Erin

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