Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Favorite Fall Accessory

Last year for Christmas my grandmother got me this awesome motorcycle style jacket from a "New York" style boutique near my parents house. I fell in love with this jacket immediately and wear it as much as I can until it gets too cold. So I decided to use my Polyvore account to show you guys a few styles that I wear that jacket with. Since the jacket it from a small boutique, I couldn't find the exact one to use so I found one that looks just like it. When I get a chance this week I'll upload a picture of the me in one of the outfits and the jacket. Sorry guys my week is filled with being stressed out about my Phillies. What can I say, I'm a die hard fan. Anyway, here are a few outfits I put together. I didn't use anything that was ridiculously expensive because I wanted you guys to see it was feasible to put things like this together without breaking the bank. Let me know what you think!

♥ Erin

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Miss K said...

Love these outfits! I wear the 1st one almost exactly!