Monday, September 27, 2010

A New Addition to Our Family

This weekend Tim & I adopted a puppy. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but now that I'm sleep deprived and exhausted from chasing her around...just kidding. We absolutely love her. It's tough getting used to having a puppy again, but once she's trained I know it will get a little easier. She was in a foster home along with 7 of her brothers and sisters. The puppies were turned in by a woman who's dog was pregnant. They are Saint Bernard/Collie mixes. She was not the biggest of the litter, but her paws are massive so we're not really sure how big she will get. We drove to meet her foster mom in Raleigh, NC on Saturday and she did very well on the drive home. Dakota is doing very well with her. He's very patient, but he does get a little jealous. We have been trying to do a good job of making sure he gets just as much attention although it can be hard when every one wants to see her and we're constantly chasing after her. Her name is Utley after my favorite Phillies player and it actually suits her. We've taken some really great photos the last couple of days so I thought I'd show you all a few.


Wendy said...

Ah! She's so cute! I think my favorite picture of of her passed out by the water bowl! haha

Marisa said...

OMG soo freakin cute. I wish my new puppy got a long with my other dog as well as yours do. congrats on the new edition!

Journalism 152 Fall06 said...

hilarious! i love the pic of the puppy stretching his/her legs out! adorable.