Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Designer Jeans Deal

For a while now Sam's Club has been carrying some designer brands (say what?). They carry at least 2 styles of Rock & Republic jeans and about different designs of men's Affliction shirts for much cheaper than they are anywhere else. Tim got one of the Affliction shirts for $25! Well I have been dying to get a pair of jeans for months now and every time I go I grab a pair and never buy them. Jeans aren't really a major need for me right now, but if I find a great deal I can't pass it up. Well last weekend when I took my normal route to check out the jeans I saw that they weren't the normal $60 (uh which is still a deal and a half), but they were $26!!!! And if the two styles that had were a little more different I would have bought 2 pairs! I'm so excited. However, I am definitely going to have to get them altered as do most people who buy designer jeans since the length is always so too long. Here are the pics of the pair I bought and how ridiculously long they are on me. I have 4 pairs that I have to take to the tailor anyway, what's one more.

Forgive my toes I took this before I gave myself a pedicure.

This is how ridiculously long these are, they completely cover my toes and I even tried them on with my tallest heels...still looked ridiculous.

♥ Erin

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Miss K said...

Very cute and such a steal!! I'm going to run to my Sam's and see if they have them!