Thursday, September 9, 2010

Are You Ready For Some Football???!!!

I am a huge baseball fan, but I always get excited for the start of football season. I currently need to take my mind off the fact that my Phils are only leading the NL East by a half a game over the Braves with less than a month of the regular season to go.

I know I'm a week late for college, but last week PSU beat the crap out of Youngstown State and I wasn't going to waste my time with that (no offense to anyone who goes there). Tim also starts his fantasy league tonight so there is going to be a lot of football in my future. So here's what's in my future this weekend starting tonight:

Thursday night football presents the NFC Championship rematch:

I'll probably watch some of this game just because it's the NFL kickoff game, but honestly I couldn't care about either team. Tim unfortunately has a few fantasy picks to look out for. I'm going to miss the first hour anyway. I'll be upstairs anxiously watching the season premiere of The Vampire Diaries...duh. Tim said I'll have to DVR it so he can watch it later. I have him addicted too.

Saturday is the big game night for me. It's PSU vs. #1 Alabama and I've been nervous all week. My mom and step dad are in town so I'm not sure where I'll be watching the game currently, I just know I'll be somewhere.

Finally, on Sunday the Eagles make their debut against the Packers at home. We'll see if this is going to be a good season for the birds. With Kevin Kolb as the new QB, anything can happen.

Honorable mention...
Last week my Alma mater Temple defeated Villanova to win the Mayor's cup. If you don't know Temple football has been a joke for a very long time and then finally last year they started becoming something to talk about. Nova is always a huge rival of Temple in any sport because they share the same city. Last year was the first winning season since 1990 and the first appearance at a bowl game since 1979. You have to give total credit to head coach Al Golden (who just happened to learn everything he knows from Joe Paterno). Beating Nova was huge since they are the AA champs from last year, it means a lot. Good luck Owls! What a great way to start off the 2010 season.

Are you guys ready for football season? Well even if you're not, make sure you guys are ready for some good appetizer recipes coming your way this year.

♥ Erin

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Caroline said...

I am ready!!! Can't wait for the appetizer posts.