Monday, August 2, 2010

Phillies Gear Wish List

When I was visiting in PA the other weekend, my sister and I had to run to the mall for a few things. I dragged her into Dick's Sporting Goods so I could check out all the Philadelphia sports teams gear. Obviously living in VA all I see is Redskin, Capitals, Nationals stuff which I obviously don't care for. I ended up getting this sweet gray Roy Halladay tee. All of my Phils clothes consist of everything Utley (my favorite player) so I was looking to get something new. Everything is also red so when I saw this gray shirt I thought it would really stand out; I was right. I saw only one other person that had my same color shirt at the game this weekend. It was a good choice. I always by my t-shirt in kid sizes so I got an XL kids and it fits perfectly after it's original wash. I also got a few compliments on it while I was at the game which made me feel good. Tim said this was a compliment to the person wearing the shirt not actually the shirt itself. Either way, I'll take the compliments.

So there are a few things off the Phillies website I have been wanting for a while. I need to just suck it up and order them because I'm not sure they'll still be around to put on my birthday list in December. Before baseball season started this year I posted about Victoria's Secret PINK having their own MLB line which was awesome. There were two things from that line that I talked about, one of which I changed my mind on and the other I still want desperately. Here are the two things on my wish list:
I love this sweatshirt! It's going to be great for the fall. I don't currently have a red sweatshirt so this would be a great addition.

This is a new shirt they came out with. I originally wanted a gray one that they had, but I like this one a lot better. The problem with this shirt is that it's very popular and it's $32.50. You can get a better made team shirt cheaper than that. I also saw atleast 5 girls wearing it at the game.

The next shirt on my wish list I can not find a picture of! I saw it while we were at the game at Citizen Bank Park in Philly with our friends from Toronto. It was in their team store and I haven't seen it anywhere else or even on the website. It says "Philly girls, making Philadelphia beautiful since 1883". I'm thankfully going to a game up there in a couple weeks, I hope they still have it or I'm going to be very bummed.

♥ Erin

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Christina said...

love the v-neck tee. super cute.