Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Product

The other night Tim and I saw this new product advertised on TV, it's the Filtrete Water Station. In our house currently we use a Brita water pitcher for water we drink in the house and we spend about $5/month buying a case at Sam's Club so we can take water on the go. This would be perfect for us and we can cut out the extra expense which is great.

The water station lists for $42.99, but I saw it on Walmart.com for $37.99. It comes with all 4 bottles, the docking station and the fast flow filter. 3M claims the filter works 2 and a half times faster than your average filter pitcher and it has the potential to keep 3,000 water bottles out of landfills. How about that for going green?

Now, I have not seen this in stores yet and everywhere I look online it is unavailable. If you guys find it somewhere let me know! If you want more information on the product click here.

♥ Erin

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