Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Jimmy Eat World Single

Wow, the plethora of new music coming out lately is ridiculous. Last week it was Linkin Park, this week it's another one of my favorite bands Jimmy Eat World. Tuesday they released the first single "My Best Theory" from their new album Invented which will release September 28th. I have been a fan of Jimmy Eat World for years mostly because a lot of their music is featured on my favorite show One Tree Hill. Funny thing is it wasn't their mainstream songs that got me hooked. Most of their albums have more of an Indie sound to them whereas in the past their released singles have had a Pop sound to them as well as Alternative. However, this new single sounds more like them. I'm very excited for their new album.

♥ Erin

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Miss K said...

WHAT??? How did I not know Jimmy Eat World had a new single out?? I'm downloading this asap!!