Thursday, July 15, 2010

So Flippin' Cute

Ok, so I came across this article today about Prince Harry visiting a charity in the UK called Canine Partners that trains dogs to help the disabled and I just had to post it. Hot boys + puppies=swoon and I thought you would appreciate the post. I love that Princess Diana's boys are following in her footsteps.

While I'm on the subject of the Princes...has anyone else noticed that Harry & William have completely flip flopped? When William was younger he was sooooo good looking and Harry was not at all, now Harry is H-O-T and William is starting to resemble his father too much which is not a compliment. Does anyone else feel this way? Here are some pics to prove it.


Yikes, that is a HUGE change! Here's some of Harry.


I used to love Prince William, but Harry is clearly now the hotter brother.

♥ Erin


Caroline said...

Do you like the dogs or Prince Harry more? H has gotten cuter than W, but I'd still date either (if I weren't married).

Hannah said...

Prince William needs some Rogain!

Miss K said...

I'm totally with you! I used to LOVE Willy when I was younger and he had a full head of hair, but now Harry is so mischieviously cute!

Bree said...

Yes! Oddly enough, my boyfriend and I had an argument about this a few weeks ago! He couldn't believe I thought Harry was the hotter a long shot! Ha