Thursday, July 29, 2010

Organization is Key

Before we get started on our redecoration project in our house we decided that we needed to reorganize the things we already had. Our first project was to consolidate our toiletries. We had things scattered throughout the house in our bathroom, in the guest bathroom, in the guest bedroom closet, etc. We moved in from our parents house so we both had these plastic portable storage bins with all our medicine and toiletries. There was no reason to have those tacky things anymore. Plus once we cleaned them out there was stuff in there we didn't even need. So we neatly consolidated and put everything together under our sinks. We cleared so much extra space in the guest bedroom and bath just by getting rid of this stuff.

This is what my sink looked like prior. I don't have a picture of Tim's because he did his 2 days before me. What a mess right?

This is Tim's sink after.

This is my sink after. I guess I should have taken out the Tampons for the picture! Yeah well.

We got all the bins from Target for really cheap. The smaller bins are made of canvas so they're really durable and have a nicer look to them. The big plastic bins were the perfect size for everything we needed to store.

This is just the start of our project. It's going to take a while, but hopefully our house will feel more like home once we're done.

Aside from this stuff, I also started with some little things I've been wanting to replace for some time and just never got around to it. We currently have all of Dakota's toys in a basket downstairs. The basket was dying a slow death, plus it was a light wood color and we're trying to stick with a dark wood look for the rest of the house. We have been looking for a replacement for months, but things just weren't what we wanted. They were either too big, too small or just didn't have the look (yeah I know it's for the dog toys). Finally, I took a stroll into World Market the other day and BAM there it was. A beautiful dark wood basket the same size as our current one and it even had a canvas cover for the inside. The best part? It was $16. Sweeeeet! I don't have a picture of it currently, but I'll post it once I do some more changes to the living room.

♥ Erin

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Miss K said...

Love those plastic crates! I use them all over my place, especially in the bathroom to organize my products/brushes/hair accessories