Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New TV Obsessions

In my spare time (haha what is that?)...I've been utilizing our Netflix account and watching a couple TV shows that I never had the chance to get into. Usually when Tim has volleyball I get to indulge in movies and shows that he can't stand watching.

I always wanted to get into Lost, but it always fell on a night where I watched another show or I had something going on. By the time I heard that it was "the show to watch", I felt it was too late. I am absolutely addicted to this show. Unfortunately it backfired on me and Tim caught a couple episodes and now he's hooked too. I'm not allowed to watch an episode without him! He's very specific whenever he goes to volleyball, he makes sure I know not to jump ahead. It's too funny. We are almost through the first season, I'm so glad Netflix has them all. We have a PS3 so we just download it directly to our TV, it's so awesome.

I haven't started this yet, but I have heard nothing but good things about this show. My girlfriend Lara has been telling me to watch this show for a long time so I'm finally taking her advice. Does anyone else watch this show? What do you think?

Man Woman Wild on Discovery Channel is awesome! Tim and I were over at our neighbor's house this weekend for dinner and afterwards we were just hanging out watching TV. They, like us, love the DC and watch it religiously. Tim and I were always a fan of Survivorman, but that show ended a while ago. Apparently they have a new version of it called Man Woman Wild where they take this husband and wife team and put them in survival situations all over the world. Now the husband is no joke folks, he's an ex Army Ranger, so he's legit. The wife is a British TV reporter who is pretty tough, but she has her moments. This team is great together. If you haven't seen it yet you definitely have to check it out. First of all what they do is amazing, but it's really entertaining especially when the wife gets involved.

Another new DC survivor type show is Dual Survivor with Cody Lundin and Dave Canterbury. Cody is a self proclaimed "hippy" that has been walking around barefoot for 20 years. And when I say barefoot, I mean barefoot. I watched him walk around Louisiana swamp land with nothing to protect his feet in water moccasin and alligator infested water. However, he is a professional survivor instructor and he's even written a couple books. Dave is an ex Army sniper and SRT instructor. Once he left the military he worked for a reptile farm and as a commercial fisherman. These two guys couldn't be more different, but they mesh well together for TV. Cody is a constant source of laughter because of his passive demeanor about everything while Dave is a more all American tough guy. The Discovery Channel never lets me down. Plus Shark week is approaching...I can't wait for that! My DVR is going to be full.

♥ Erin

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Miss K said...

I need to get into The Tudors, I love the whole history of them and have heard great things about it, I need to just bite the bullet and rent all of them!