Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Have You Ever Been Stalked By a Song?

Have you ever had a song follow you wherever you go? I'm having that issue right now and it's not with just one song, it's with TWO! The first song is "Epic" by Faith No More. If you don't know the song you might remember the video, it ends with a fish flopping around out of water (it was very controversial for it's time). I blame the fact that this song is following me because DC101 has a terribly short playlist. This song started stalking me after Tim and I heard it in the car a while ago. Tim started telling me about this story that he always thinks of when this song comes on. Ever since then, I hear this song CONSTANTLY.
Next, (and this is the really weird one) is "Unthinkable (I'm Ready)" by Alicia Keys which I really don't mind because I LOVE this song. Unfortunately I'm being tortured because I only catch the last 15-30 seconds before it ends! I would say out of 10 times I get to hear the song in it's entirety once. Isn't that weird? And it's on like 3 or 4 different stations whereas the other song I only hear on one station. I think I'm officially nuts. I had to share this with you guys so you can tell me that I'm not the only one this happens to!
Sorry for the random post guys, like I said last week I have a lot going on and I'm not ready to share as of yet. Coming up this week though...Tim and I did a little reorganizing, I've got a great new recipe I'm trying and we're starting to redecorate our house. So I'll be doing a lot of before/after and decorating idea posts.

♥ Erin


Caroline said...

Michael Buble used to stalk me and now it's Justin Bieber. What's up with that?

Erin said...

Haha! I don't know! I'd much rather be stalked by songs I like though.

Ashley said...

James Taylor stalks me haha