Friday, July 23, 2010

AMC Theater Concession Coupon

Since there are so many good movies out right now, I thought I'd post this for you just in time for the weekend. I found this great link today for those of you who are catching up on you summer movie watching this weekend. This Sunday, July 25, all US AMC theaters are letting you buy any size soda AND any size popcorn.....for $1!!! I'm serious! So you won't have to sneak all those snacks and drinks in that monster purse of yours! Tim does it to me all the time. Anyway, click here for the coupon to print it out. It's valid for one person only so make sure you're passing it along to anyone accompanying you so they can get the great offer too. There are 2 individual coupons to print, but you can use them together if you choose. This is such a great deal. I think even if I wasn't already planning on going to the movies on Sunday I would make a trip just to get this awesome deal. Concessions at movie theaters are OUTRAGEOUS! Take advantage of this if you can! My sister still hasn't seen Eclipse and she wants to go so while I'm at my parents house in PA this weekend I was going to take her Sunday before I head back home to VA. I know she'll enjoy getting a huge bag of popcorn! Have a great weekend guys!

♥ Erin

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