Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Stunned...and Obviously a Little Out of the Loop

Ok folks, one minute I was looking up the correct spelling of Ian Somerhalder's last name (from The Vampire Diaries) and the next minute I was starring at my computer with my jaw dropped wide open wondering, "where the hell have I been?". I came across this article posted by Hollywood Crush on mtv.com about how many CW stars are actually dating each other. Ummm, I think I new 2...at the most. If you guys have been following my blog for a while, you know that I have a weakness for CW shows. I guess I'm a little slow on the uptake recently because this article shocked the you know what outta me! I mean, how could I not know this? The article was dated 5/21 so it's not like it was all that long ago. Below are the CW couples, where you as shocked as I or should I just be ashamed of myself? If you want to read the full article with details, click here.

This was a shocker. I love Jensen from Supernatural and Daneel from OTH, but I had no idea they were dating let a lone getting married!

This didn't phase me too much, I just hope she's not as psychotic as she was on OTH.

Honestly, I'm still speechless about this one. Can't believe they had a baby!

One of the couples I actually knew about. Don't even get me started on AnnaLynne McCord, I loathe her.

Even though this couple isn't together anymore, it doesn't make it any less weird. I could've sworn I heard that Ed Westwick was gay, I guess I was way off on that one!

The other one I knew about in this group.

Love this couple. So happy for Sophia to move on after that horrid marriage to Chad, even though they were the cutest couple ever!

Sorry, not a fan of 90210 so I didn't really care about these two.

This definitely shocked me. Yes they broke up to0, but Blair and Carter? Eww.

These two have small roles on OTH, but they've been married almost 3 years?!

Did any of these throw you through a loop like they did for me? Please tell me I wasn't the only one not to know about this.

♥ Erin


Jane Hay said...

A: I can't stand Annalynne mccord either! For no other reason than in every photo I've seen of her, she looks like she's trying WAY too hard to look sultry and hot and that really irks me and B: I read that Ed W. and Jessica S. are currently "on" again.

Hannah said...

Brooke and Julian in real life?! Whaaaat?! I'm shocked too.

Miss K said...

oh wow! looks like the CW is the place to be to find a bf! paging jennifer aniston!

Frances said...

I knew about the others, but not about Allison Munn and her husband! Holy cow! Never would have though of that one.
I do have to say though that I love Sophia Bush with Austin Nichols. Such a cute couple!