Wednesday, June 16, 2010

L.A. Candy Review

I have to say that I didn't really get into this book until I was 3/4 of the way through it. There was nothing to hold my interest. It wasn't until she (finally) inserted some conflict into the story that I really became interested. And thank god for that cliffhanger at the end or I don't think you could pay me to buy the sequel Sweet Little Lies. Now once things got a little interested I did enjoy the book, however Lauren Conrad is no literary genius (duh). I was really hoping she would surprise me because she's the only one from those shows that I can even stand. She has her sh*t together (unlike Speidy ugh!), she doesn't seem to buy into all the Hollywood crap, and she actually successful in other aspects of her life (clothing line, book deal, foundation). I hope the second book's writing is a little better than this one. At times I couldn't tell if she was writing so it sounded shallow or if that's just the way she sounds. I was never a fan of The Hills or many reality shows, to be honest I find them annoying and the fakest (ironic) crap on TV. I'm just not that kinda girl, although there are exceptions. Anyway, all in all I did like the book because the drama at the end totally made up for the boring beginning. I will get her second book, but I need to read something with a little more substance in between. Am I the only one that felt this way about this book? Let me know that I'm not the only one! Here's a review I found from Publishers Weekly:

"In this flawed but fun novel, 19-year-old Jane Roberts, new to Los Angeles,and her best friend Scarlett are discovered by a producer who wants to cast them in a “reality version of Sex and the City.” Jane (who is, in the producer’s eyes, “fresh, innocent, vulnerable. Perfect”) and Scarlett (“a gorgeous brainiac”) jump at the chance to star in L.A. Candy, alongside two other girls: “spoiled, rich heiress” Madison and “lovable ditz” Gaby. Immediately famous, they enjoy new apartments, designer clothes and easy access to L.A. hot spots. Readers get a behind-the-scenes look at the production of a reality show, including how supposedly spontaneous scenes are set up and shot and re-shot, presumably inspired by debut author Conrad’s own experiences on The Hills. Jane, who “no longer thought about an outfit as being complete without a mike under her clothes, taped to her skin,” predictably becomes the breakout star of the show and learns the high price of fame. The climactic cliffhanger ending and lack of resolution hurt the book’s ability to stand on its own, but this guilty pleasure should leave readers eager for more."

On to the next one. I am going through books like crazy and my tan proves it! There's been a lot of reading by the pool. I'm going to have to make another Borders trip before the beach in 2 weeks.

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Nicole said...

Hey you read it! I liked how simple it was..i guess i was in the mood for something like that.. its not a book that is going to change my life...but then again, i do enjoy watching The Hills..etc.. I did pick up her 2nd book..and just started to read it!