Monday, June 28, 2010

iPhone 4 Accessories

Just because I haven't bought my iPhone 4 yet doesn't mean I can't figure out how I'm going to pimp it out. I'm waiting until some of the hype dies down, the bugs get figured out and the accessories become more plentiful. I hate buying something I sort of like because there's nothing else out there and then BOOM after I get it something better comes out. I'm in no rush to get the new iPhone for a few reasons. It's not going anywhere and I don't feel like standing in line and fighting people for it. Plus, if I'm going to spend $200+ on a phone, I'm going to get it with everything I want and in the color I want. Even though my contract is already up, AT&T assured all people with contracts ending in 2010 can get the new iPhone. Plus what's the point of being the only one of your friends who has the face time feature? I'm shooting for mid July to get the new one, but like I said I'm in no rush. So I've been exploring the available accessories. Apple is only offering "bumpers" that I spoke about in an older post, and they look like this...

I'm sorry, but a "bumper" does not protect that pretty white back that will definitely scratch when I drop it on my front steps because I can't find my keys. I understand the need to show off the new back of the phone, but there's gotta be something else that can do that without leaving it exposed. Some of the smartest people work for Apple and this was the best they could do? Incase (where I have bought all of my previous 3G cases from) hasn't even released a prototype to the public. They have a press release on their website saying they are working hard on the product. During my search, I found a company called iLuv that has (from what I've found so far) the best cases for the iPhone 4. To see their line of iPhone 4 cases click here, below are a couple of my faves from the site. If Apple or Incase don't get their act together, I'm going with iLuv.
ZIG ZAG deluxe multi color injection silicon case

NATURE soft coated ultra thin case

SILK translucent ultra thin case

GLACIER ultra thin clear case

SENTINEL metallic case

DREAM soft coated TPU case

SPECTRUM silicone case

Another great thing they sell are tons of different screen protectors: 2 way privacy screen protector, finger-print screen protector, glare-free screen protector, mirror screen protector and clear screen protector. Tim just bought a privacy screen for his phone and now I want one. It seems like for right now iLuv is the way to go until everyone can catch up. iPhone users, will you buy from iLuv?

♥ Erin


Nicole said...

I found these which is basically a screen protector for the front and back allowing you to show off your pretty white back. they also have a lifetime free replacement warranty.

Erin said...

Thank you Nicole! I'll have to check them out!