Friday, June 4, 2010

Holiday Weekend Recap

Tim and I had a wonderful weekend visiting friends and family in PA for Memorial Day weekend. I still can't believe we jam packed as much as we did into 4 days.

Friday night when we arrived, I went out with two of my girlfriends to Doylestown for drinks. I got to see the changes made to the restaurant where I used to work when I was in college and then ended up at one of our old stomping grounds.

Saturday was a day spend with my best friends to do dinner and a movie. We saw SATC2 and it was amazing; I don't care what the reviews said. I have always been a fan of the show and even though it seemed to stray from what the series was, it was nice to see the girls back at it again. Afterwards we had dinner at Melt which is my favorite place to go at the Promenade Shops at Saucon Valley. Saturday was not only a busy day for me, but a busy Philly sports day as well. The Flyers ended up losing game 1 to the Blackhawks, but Roy Halladay pitched a perfect game for the Phillies. I tried to catch both, but with my busy schedule that day I ended up listening to most of both games in my car. Tim spent most of his day with his family, getting to see our nephew Tyler.

Sunday was spent visiting all of our softball friends at their annual Memorial Day one pitch tourney. It was great seeing people we haven't seen as much since we moved to VA. We ended the day at my parents house relaxing by the pool with my family and all the dogs. Cyndie made clams and a wonderful chicken kabob dinner (one of Tim's faves), followed by a late night swim and s'mores by the fire pit. It was a great end to the day.

Finally on Monday we trekked back up to Allentown to see my Grandma and Aunt and Uncle for an afternoon barbeque. I got to see my Grandma's new Volvo, she finally got rid of her huge Cadillac! We ended the evening watching the first period of the Flyer's game at Tim's parents and finally headed back home to VA.

Here are some pictures from our holiday weekend...

Tim and Tyler relaxing outside

The three labs sitting pretty

The fearsome four

Relaxing by the pool

I hope everyone had safe and fun holiday weekend as well. Here's to summer.

♥ Erin

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