Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

This day is to celebrate the freedom we have that has been given to us by the wonderful people serving in the military. I hope everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Day!

On a lighter note...

Since most people are picnicking today, I thought I'd post a refreshing drink that's perfect to kick off the start of the summer!

Strawberry Slush Delight

3 cups sugar
6 cups water
1 (46 fluid oz.) can pineapple juice
1 (12 fluid oz.) can frozen lemonade concentrate
2 (12 fluid oz.) cans frozen orange juice concentrate
1 quart strawberries (fresh or frozen) pureed in a blender
2 cups rum, or to taste
2 (2 liter) bottles chilled lemon-lime soda

In a saucepan, dissolve the sugar in the water by bringing it to a boil over medium-high heat. Turn off the heat and allow it to cool.
Combine the sugar water with the pineapple juice, lemonade, orange juice and pureed strawberries in a 6-quart container. Mix in the rum to taste. Put the entire mixture into a large plastic ice cream pail and freeze overnight.
To make the drinks to order, scoop 1/2 cup of the frozen mixture into an 8 oz glass. Fill the glass with lemon-lime soda and serve with a straw. Keeps well in freezer for up to one month.

♥ Erin

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Carrie Diaries Giveaway!

Caroline at Simply Smithwick is celebrating the release of Sex and the City 2 by having her first giveaway...a copy of Candace Bushnell's The Carrie Diaries! This is perfect timing since I just put it on my summer reading list post from yesterday. I had this book in my hand at Borders and decided to wait until my next round of reading. If you recall I already won The Last Song earlier this month from a giveaway so maybe my luck is still here. If you're interested in winning this book head over to Simply Smithwick to find out how. Good luck!

♥ Erin

The Last Song Review

This book took me a little longer than expected because work got a little hectic at the end of last week and beginning of this week. I usually read and eat my lunch during the week. I finally finished it at lunch time today. I have to say the last few Nicholas Sparks books I've read have really amazed me. There were a couple there for a while that put me to sleep. I felt like he wrote about the same stuff all the time. The funny thing is at the end of this book they have a section titled Background Information where Sparks talks about how he came up with certain ideas and what not. He is actually quoted as saying, "There are, afterall, some 'certainties' in my novels: Two people will fall in love, the story will be set in eastern North Carolina, and the ending will either be happy, bittersweet, or tragic." That is Nicholas Sparks to a T. Dear John and this book made me a fan again.

Now I haven't seen the movie yet, but I plan on it. I hope I feel the same way as I felt with Dear John. I liked both the book and the movie individually. You couldn't completely compare the two because there were significant differences in the plots. From what I've heard, The Last Song movie and book are very similar. What's interesting is the fact that Sparks actually wrote the screenplay before he wrote the novel. Usually it's the total opposite. So I look forward to seeing the movie even though it has Miley Cyrus in it. I hope she doesn't annoy me too much. I'm sure it was very easy for her to portray a bratty teenager since that's what she is in real life.

♥ Erin

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summer Reading List continued...

It's not even the end of May and I've already blown through a ton of books on my summer reading list a month ago. I guess it helped that I spent a week reading by a pool or a beach! Anyway, Tim and I ran a couple errands last night. One of which was going to Borders. I usually order my books online, but I hadn't actually been to the bookstore in a while so I wanted to browse a bit. I end up finding more books that I want when I'm in the store than when I browse online anyway. Since I am less than a chapter away from finishing The Last Song, and it's the last book I got from my earlier list, I realized it was time to get a couple more books from my original list. So from my original list I bought The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas & Helmet for My Pillow and then I picked up two more books from my new list. I didn't realize how small a book The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas was and since it's a young adult book I should read it pretty quickly. Now all that's left from my original list to read is Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter & the new Twilight installment which isn't released until June 5th. I've since added more books to my agenda, two of which I bought last night.

Commencement by J. Courtney Sullivan - I kept glancing at this book over the last couple of weeks and wasn't all that interested, but after reading a couple pages into it at Borders I was hooked. I can't turn any story down that has to do with 4 best friends (i.e. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Sex and the City); it reminds me of my girls.

L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad - Within the last week I had 3 of my friends tell me to read this book. They all said it was right up my alley. I can't say I'm a huge fan of The Hills, but out of all the psychos on that show Lauren Conrad bothers me the least. At least she's actually made something of herself unlike Heidi Montag (ugh!). So we'll see how this book goes and if I like it I'll get her next one which was also highly recommended.

The Host by Stephenie Meyer - This was one of those books that I said, "Oh what the hell". I don't think Stephenie will ever be able to beat the Twilight Series, but that's why I figured I'd give her another shot. I haven't heard much about this book. If you've read it please let me know. I haven't bought it yet, but I wanted it to be in the next batch that I read.

The Passage by Justin Cronin - Yet another vampire/zombie story, but the reviews have been really good. The book isn't released until June 8th, but the storyline really got me. It's about a post-apocalyptic America overrun by a plague of vampires caused by government experiments. Sounds like a mix of the Incredible Hulk, Resident Evil & True Blood...I'm in.

A Reliable Wife by Robert Goolrick - I have to say that I picked up and put down this book 4 or 5 times last night at Borders. I didn't decide that I wanted to read it until I was typing this post. I was reading a lot of customer reviews about it and they were all good. When I read the summary, I only felt half tempted to read it. It seemed like it was one of those books that I should read last when I'm done all my summer books. So we'll see how this one goes too.

The Carrie Diaries by Candace Bushnell - I have read everyone of Candace Bushnell books, I highly recommend them if you're a SATC fan. As soon as I saw this book, I knew I had to have it! It is a young adult read, but from the reviews I read it seems to fit all ages. I probably won't start reading it until after I go see SATC2 this weekend with my girls. I don't want a Carrie overload.

If you guys have read any of these please let me know, and as always I love recommendations. They have turned out to be some of the best books I read.

After Borders, Tim and I went to Best Buy and I got Dear John on DVD! I love this movie. I watched it as soon as we got home. Definitely one of my all time faves!

♥ Erin

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Eastern Conference Champs!!

Last night the Flyers defeated the Montreal Canadiens 3-2 to become NHL's Eastern Conference champs and move on to play the Chicago Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup Final (Game 1 starts Saturday @8)! The last few series for the Flyers have been amazing. I regret that I wasn't able to watch their comeback win against the Boston Bruins because we were in the Dominican Republic (no one down there cares about hockey). Nevertheless Tim and I have been glued to the TV to watch this series and will be in PA this Memorial weekend to watch the start of the Stanley Cup Playoff. It's nice to have a final without Detroit and Pittsburgh for once! Let's go Flyers!

♥ Erin

Monday, May 24, 2010

Celebrity Inspiration: Kate Bosworth

This weekend I was very proud of myself because I successfully pulled of an outfit and hair combination I took from a couple of my favorite celebs. Now let me just state that I suck at doing my own hair. I can never re-create anything that I see so I usually just do the same boring stuff. Well my hair is finally long and I wanted to attempt to do some new things to it. Let me know what you think. I also came across a look by Kate Bosworth (from J @ The Look for Less) that I wanted to try because I actually had all of the elements associated with it in my closet. We were just going to see a movie so I wanted to be comfortable yet fashionable (of course) and it was finally warm enough at night to wear shorts. Let me know what you guys think.

This is the look by Kate Bosworth that I fell in love with (too bad my legs don't look that good!)

So this is my re-creation (don't mind the background, I was washing the sheets in the guest room) and below is what I'm wearing to do so:

Ralph Lauren Oxford in blue

Abercrombie & Fitch jean shorts

Havaiana's in brown (the only shoe I had that came close to Kate's was a pair of patent leather gladiator sandals so I scrapped it and went for comfy)

Next was my hair style which I had been battling over all day. I had been catching up on my Gossip Girl last week since we were on vacation and I was loving Blake Lively's hair style in the show. I equate my current hair style closest to hers so I thought I should give it a shot. She had been wearing a lot of ponytails lately and I wanted to see if I could pull it off.

It's hard to see from this picture, but she's sporting a messy ponytail with a slight rise in the front (this was all I could find from this episode)

Instead of blow drying my hair straight I put in a tiny bit of my Catwalk Curls Rock product to give it a little wave, then I teased the front to get it to pouf and then pinned it before pulling it back into a ponytail and pulling some wisps out from the side

Finally I took a piece of the ponytail and wrapped it around the scrunchy to hide it and teased some more...voila.

♥ Erin

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Holiday/Summer Recipes

With Memorial Day weekend just around the corner (can you believe it?), I've been planning what to make for all the upcoming barbeques and picnics I'll be attending. Most of you know me for my famous mexican dip (click here for recipe). Now don't get me wrong, I love that recipe and I know everyone else does too, but I wanted to introduce some other things this year that I have been eager to try. Don't worry, I'll still make the mexican dip too! So below are some recipes I've come across that I think are great for summer outings. I'm ready to branch out and try new things. Please let me know if you have any recipes of your own that you would like to contribute!

Pepperoni Pizza Salad
10 plum tomatoes, chopped
3 medium green pepper, cut into 1-inch pieces
2 cups (8 oz.) shredded part-skim mozzarella cheese
1 package (3-1/2 oz.) sliced pepperoni
1 can (2-1/4 oz.) sliced ripe olives, drained
1/4 cup chopped onion
1/3 cup tomato juice
1/4 cup red wine vinegar
1/4 cup olive oil
1 garlic clove, minced
1/2 teaspoon dried basil
1/4 teaspoon pepper
3/4 cup salad croutons

In a large bowl, combine the tomatoes, green peppers, cheese, pepperoni, olives and onion. In a small bowl, combine the tomato juice, vinegar, oil, garlic, basil and pepper.
Pour over tomato mixture and toss to coat. Cover and refrigerate for several hours. Just before serving, sprinkle with croutons. Yield: 12-14 servings.

**UPDATE**I made this for Tim's surprise party and it was ok. I ended up added noodles to it to give it a little substance. I also recommend doubling the liquid mixture and letting it sit 4-6 hours before serving. This dish does not keep well as a left over either.

Jello Tiramisu Bowl
1 (8 oz.) package cream cheese, softened
3 cups cold milk
2 pkg. (4 serving size) JELL-O Vanilla Flavor Instant Pudding and Pie Filling
1 (8 oz.) tub Cool Whip, thawed, divided
48 Nilla Wafers
1/2 cup brewed strong coffee, cooled, divided
2 (1 oz.) squares semi-sweet baking chocolate, coarsely grated
1 cup fresh raspberries

Beat cream cheese in large bowl with electric mixer until creamy. Gradually beat in milk. Add dry pudding mixes; mix well. Stir in 2 cups of the whipped topping.
Line bottom and sides of a 2-1/2-qt. bowl with half of the wafers; drizzle with half of the coffee. Layer half of the pudding mixture over wafers, and then top with half of the grated chocolate. Repeat all layers starting with the wafers and coffee. Top with remaining whipped topping and raspberries.
Refrigerate at least 2 hours. Store leftovers in refrigerator.

Beer Cheese Dip
1 pkg. (8 oz.) cream cheese, softened
1/4 cup Ranch Dressing
1 cup Shredded Cheddar Cheese
1/4 cup beer
2 green onions, chopped

Beat cream cheese and dressing in medium bowl with mixer until well blended.
Stir in remaining ingredients.
Refrigerate several hours or until chilled.

Knorr Spinach Dip
*My grandmother's recipe of choice

1 pkg. (10 oz.) baby spinach, chopped or 1 pkg. (10 oz.) frozen chopped spinach, thawed and squeezed dry
1 container (16 oz.) sour cream
1 cup mayo
1 package Knorr® Vegetable recipe mix
1 can (8 oz.) water chestnuts, drained and chopped
3 green onions, chopped

Combine all ingredients and chill about 2 hours. I usually serve this in a hollowed out bread bowl.

Refried Bean Pizza
1 tube (11-1/2 oz.) refrigerated corn bread twists
1 can (16 oz.) refried beans
1 can (4 oz.) chopped green chilies
2 cups (8 oz.) shredded Colby-Monterey Jack cheese or Mexican cheese blend
1 can (2-1/4 oz.) sliced ripe olives, drained
Chopped tomatoes, salsa and sliced green onions

Unroll the bread twists and press onto a greased 12-in. pizza pan. Bake at 375° for 11-13 minutes or until lightly browned. Combine refried beans and chilies; spread over crust to within 1/2 in. of edge. Top with cheese and olives.
Bake 5-8 minutes longer or until cheese is melted. Cut into wedges. Serve with tomatoes, salsa and green onions if desired.

♥ Erin

Monday, May 17, 2010

Book Reviews

Hey everyone! I hope everybody had a wonderful week. Tim and I had a blast in the Dominican Republic. We didn't want to come home! I will have a full vacation recap for you sometime this week. I just need to sort through A LOT of pictures. Anyway, I read a lot while we were away. I finished The Lovely Bones, started and finished Sarah's Key and started The Last Song. So I wanted to start the week off with my book reviews for you.

The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold - I still have not seen the movie, but I thought the book was really good. I was really interested in the way it was written being that it was narrated by the child that was murdered as she watches her family, friends and killer from "heaven". Not like I thought a tragedy such as murder wouldn't change a family, but Susie's murder actually changed the family's destiny entirely. Susie's death brought people together and tore others apart. Even though the ending didn't give me a sense of full closure, it was good enough for me. I enjoyed how this book was written from the perspective of the person that died. How heaven to them was whatever they made it, but how they also still had a close connection to Earth and the people they care about. Here is a review from Publishers Weekly:

"Sebold's first novel after her memoir, Lucky is a small but far from minor miracle. Sebold has taken a grim, media-exploited subject and fashioned from it a story that is both tragic and full of light and grace. The novel begins swiftly. In the second sentence, Sebold's narrator, Susie Salmon, announces, "I was fourteen when I was murdered on December 6, 1973." Susie is taking a shortcut through a cornfield when a neighbor lures her to his hideaway. The description of the crime is chilling, but never vulgar, and Sebold maintains this delicate balance between homely and horrid as she depicts the progress of grief for Susie's family and friends. She captures the odd alliances forged and the relationships ruined: the shattered father who buries his sadness trying to gather evidence, the mother who escapes "her ruined heart, in merciful adultery." At the same time, Sebold brings to life an entire suburban community, from the mortician's son to the handsome biker dropout who quietly helps investigate Susie's murder. Much as this novel is about "the lovely bones" growing around Susie's absence, it is also full of suspense and written in lithe, resilient prose that by itself delights. Sebold's most dazzling stroke, among many bold ones, is to narrate the story from Susie's heaven (a place where wishing is having), providing the warmth of a first-person narration and the freedom of an omniscient one. It might be this that gives Sebold's novel its special flavor, for in Susie's every observation and memory of the smell of skunk or the touch of spider webs is the reminder that life is sweet and funny and surprising."

Sarah's Key by Tatiana De Rosnay - Oh my goodness was this a good read! Thank you to my friend Lindsay for recommending this one. I love reading anything WWII or has to do with the Holocaust. Even though this book was gut wrenching at one point (most stories during this time are) I was fascinated by it because I hadn't known much about what went on in Occupied France. In 1942, Jews were rounded up in Paris by the French police and held in an old velodrome (Vel' d'Hiv) then shipped to Auschwitz. The Nazi's told the French police to take men and women between the ages of 15-50 to be taken to "work camps". They didn't want children so it wouldn't look suspicious to anybody. However, the French police took everybody. During this time of the war, Jewish men where already in hiding because they knew something was about to happen. So the majority of women and children, some of them being infants, were rounded up and sent to Vel' d'Hiv. The conditions were terrible; there was no running water, bathrooms over flowed, and there was hardly any food. It was very hot and a lot of people got lice and dysentery. After a couple days held there, they were then shipped to holding camps where the mothers were separated from their children and shipped to Auschwitz. The most disturbing thing at the time was the compliance with the French police who knew what was going on and did nothing to stop it. There isn't all that much information on it either, so reading this book was really great for me. It gave me something else to uncover in that time period. Even though there were some tough parts to read, it was beautifully written and was a good page turner. I finished the book after two days on the beach. I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in the time period. Here is a review from Publishers Weekly:

"De Rosnay's U.S. debut fictionalizes the 1942 Paris roundups and
deportations, in which thousands of Jewish families were arrested, held at the Vélodrome d'Hiver outside the city, then transported to Auschwitz. Forty-five-year-old Julia Jarmond, American by birth, moved to Paris when she was 20 and is married to the arrogant, unfaithful Bertrand Tézac, with whom she has an 11-year-old daughter. Julia writes for an American magazine and her editor assigns her to cover the 60th anniversary of the Vél' d'Hiv' roundups. Julia soon learns that the apartment she and Bertrand plan to move into was acquired by Bertrand's family when its Jewish occupants were dispossessed and deported 60 years before. She resolves to find out what happened to the former occupants: Wladyslaw and Rywka Starzynski, parents of 10-year-old Sarah and four-year-old Michel. The more Julia discovers—especially about Sarah, the only member of the Starzynski family to survive—the more she uncovers about Bertrand's family, about France and, finally, herself. Already translated into 15 languages, the novel is De Rosnay's 10th (but her first written in English,her first language). It beautifully conveys Julia's conflicting loyalties, and makes Sarah's trials so riveting, her innocence so absorbing, that the book is hard to put down."

♥ Erin

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bienvenido a Dominican Republic!

Tim and I are officially on vacation! We are spending the next week in Bayahibe, Dominican Republic. I hope everyone has a great week and to expect to hear all about the trip when we get back! Adios!!

♥ Erin

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Carry On Necessities

Everybody has their own system when it comes to what they pack in their carry-on bag. I don't fly as often as I used to, but when I do there are certain staples that are always in my carry-on or purse.

My iPhone has been one of the best gifts I have ever gotten. I don't think I could live without it. Whenever I travel, I make sure my itinerary and any important phone numbers for the trip are stored in it. I never have to go searching for the airlines number or my travel agent, it's all there in my phone. I also recently downloaded an app called Trip Case that stores all my flight, hotel and transfer information so I don't have to carry around as much paperwork. It also tells me the weather at the airport I'm flying into along with a map of the city just in case I'm stuck and have to get a hotel. My favorite feature is that it gives you alternative flights around the same time if you should ever need to change planes. The connections feature actually sends updates to people you chose to let them know you got to your destination or so they know your flight is on time to come pick you up. Technology today is amazing. The iPhone is also very useful when you put it on airplane mode so you can still play games on it and take pictures.

Duh! Do I really need to explain this? Maybe if I have time this week I'll post a good flying playlist. We shall see!

Planes are one huge petri dish. Think about how many planes are in the air daily and how many destinations they go to and how many people come in contact with just your's enough to make you want to become bubble boy. Hand sanitizer is key. It may not prevent you from getting sick off the recycled air, but it will keep you sane after using the bathroom. Make sure you get the travel size so you can take it on board. I got mine at Target next to all the travel size toiletries and it's 2 oz. which is under the amount you're allowed to bring in your carry-on.

I advise one of these for a long flight to Europe or over to the west coast. I don't sleep well on planes so these really help. I don't suggest ear plugs unless you're on the plane for more than 5 hours. It's embarrassing if you don't realize you've landed and the flight attendants have wake you up. It didn't happen to me, I'm just saying!

Another travel size must have is hand lotion. That recycled air always makes my skin feel tight and dry, plus the antibacterial gel won't be helping my skin either. I fortunately have tons of travel size lotions. I always seem to buy the full size versions that come with the travel sizes for free. Just make sure it's under 3 oz.

Now I always have chap stick with me wherever I go, but after a long flight you need something that boosts up those lips. I recommend some sort of lip gloss, I use Burt's Bees Super Shiny Lip Gloss in Juicy Pink. I would definitely go for one of the pink or red tones, and stay away from the nude colors. They will end up doing the opposite, blending your lips in which is not what you want to do. You want to look fresh faced when you get off that plane.

I wear flip flops from March until November and when I'm not wearing them I'm wearing my UGG's. Both of those involve not wearing socks. Now that you have to take your shoes off, you better bring something to put on your feet as you're walking through the security line. Just like airplanes, airports are also petri dishes. Gross!

Along with these items, some other things worth mentioning are:

Ibuprofen - Getting a headache on the plane sucks plain and simple. Always be prepared.

Hair ties and bobby pins - You could get hot or maybe you just need your hair to get the hell out of your face. These are always good to have on hand.

Medicine in general - It always seems that you wake up with something wrong with you on the day of your flight. Bring the appropriate medicine so you're not stuck either having an incident on the plane or buying the medicine when you land (I try to avoid buying things like that at an airport, everything is over priced).

Tissues - Recycled air, need I say more?

Books and magazines - I always take the current book I'm reading and I love to take a trashy magazine just to switch it up if I get bored. I'll usually go with US Weekly or InTouch.

Gum/Candy - If you're sensitive to the pressure always try chewing gum or eating candy. I like to bring lollipops and gummy worms.

♥ Erin

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Even though I celebrated this day more often when I was in college and high school, I still like to try and go out to have a margarita on Cinco de Mayo. More often than not though, this date falls during the work week (my former college self is currently having a heart attack). Hopefully tonight I'll get the chance, but for those of you who are fortunate enough not to have to wake up at 5:30-6 o'clock in the morning I have a treat for you. I was looking for something different to drink for this holiday. I feel it's always the same old drinks: Corona, Margaritas, Mojitos, etc. So I found a recipe that I would love to try and probably wouldn't mind drinking more often even when it's not a Mexican holiday. I give you...Agave Negro. Let me know what you think!

2 blackberries, plus 1 blackberry and 1 lime wheel skewered on a pick
1 cup ice
1 1/2 ounces reposado tequila
3/4 ounce fresh lime juice
3/4 ounce Simple Syrup
1/2 ounce Chambord1 ounce chilled club soda

In a cocktail shaker, muddle the 2 blackberries.
Add the ice, tequila, lime juice, Simple Syrup, and Chambord. Shake well and pour into a rocks glass.
Stir in the club soda and garnish with the skewered blackberry and lime wheel.

♥ Erin

Monday, May 3, 2010

Summer Movie Season 2010

I love the summer for oh so many reasons...the weather, vacations, cookout's, etc. Another one of those reasons is the fact that the biggest movies are released during the summer. Summer 2010 doesn't look like it's going to disappoint. So I thought I would put together my own list of anticipated summer movies for this year. Which ones are you going to trek out to the theaters to see and which ones will you wait for on DVD?


Iron Man 2 - I loved the first one and I have become a fan again of Robert Downey, Jr. He is a riot in this movie. I think he's so good at playing Tony Stark because I truly believe that's how Robert Downey, Jr. acts in reality. I am a little skeptical about Scarlett Johansson in any superhero/villain role, so I'm anxious to see how she does. I have a feeling it's going to be like Sienna Miller in G.I. just didn't fit. Release date, May 7th.

Letters to Juliet - If I am in dire need of a girls night I'll spend the $12.50 to go see this movie or go see it on a Tuesday when the theater at Reston Town Center sells tickets for $6. If neither of those situations happens, I'll wait until Netflix. I think it will be a cute chick flick, but I need to justify my movie purchases nowadays. Release date, May 14th.

Robin Hood - This movie is definitely in my top 3 movies this summer. I was a HUGE fan of the original with Kevin Costner and I still am. I can't wait to see the new, darker, not so 90s take on the story of course without a Bryan Adams theme song. Release date, May 14th.

Shrek Forever After - The last of the Shrek movies is upon us. It will be sad to see the end of these ridiculously funny movies, but I'm sure they will be going out with a bang. I don't know anyone who isn't excited to see this movie. Release date, May 21st.

Sex and the City 2 - You guys had to know this was going to be on my list, duh! The newest trailer was just released and I have it cued up for you so you're all caught up. I'm so excited to see some of the story lines unfold. Will Carrie cheat on Big with Aidan? Are things going too well for Miranda? I don't know which one is my number 1 this summer. It's a tough race between SATC2 and Eclipse. Release date, May 28th.


Toy Story 3 - I think I'm more excited to see Toy Story 3 than I am Shrek Forever After. Probably because it's been so long since the last one. I've always been a sucker for the digitally animated movies, but the Toy Story series has always been one of my faves. Release date, June 18th.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse - Do I even need to go into why I'm excited to see this movie? Like you guys don't already know. My only concern is where and what time. Maybe I'll try to win early screening passes. Who knows. Below I added the newest and last trailer that debuted on Oprah last Friday.


Predators - I actually came across this when I was researching the movies for this post. I'm sure I will be accompanying my Predator fan boyfriend to see this on the big screen. Normally I would beg him to wait for Netflix, much like I did with Alien vs. Predator. However, the cast associated with the "not quite a sequel" is pretty legit, Adrien Brody, Laurence Fishburne and Topher Grace just to name a few. I'll have to look for a trailer. Release date, July 9th.

Inception - Leonardo DiCaprio + The Dark Knight director Chris Nolan = you don't have to drag me kicking and screaming to go see it. I have absolutely no idea what this movie is about, but I know I want to see it. Apparently that's what Chris Nolan had in mind for everybody. You can't go wrong with a movie with these two together. Release date, July 16th.

I'm sure more will pop up as the summer goes on. We'll have to see when more trailers get released.

♥ Erin