Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Travel Purchases

I have been searching like crazy for a passport cover that wasn't plain and didn't cost me more than the passport did in the first place. Everything I found was either really plain or really expensive (it's just a passport cover!). A few days ago I found one that I liked; it was a black, patent leather, alligator skin looking design on it. I would have loved it if it had come in pink, but I only found it in black. So when I went to find it last night I couldn't and I'm glad I didn't. I ended up googling "black passport cover" and stumbled upon a person's Etsy page (I can't believe I didn't think of Etsy before this) that sells handmade wallets, purses and passport covers. the spotted barn is the name of the Etsy store and it took me almost 20 minutes to decide which cover I wanted to get. Granted I wanted it to match the credit card/change purse I posted about a week ago that I bought for my trip as well. Below is the one I chose. You'll never guess what I paid for it. The cover was $9 and shipping was $1.50...yeah I paid a total of $10.50 for everything. I was very excited. Please check out the spotted barn Etsy store, they have a ton of cute things!

I also finally got myself a new luggage set (thanks to my mommy). I needed to get something that was durable, but didn't embarrass Tim when he was wheeling it around the airport either. It's pointless for both of us to get our own individual sets. So I ended up choosing a 5 piece set from American Flyer that retails for nearly $400! The price I paid was...$149 on! Ground shipping was free, but the only down side was that the site wasn't linked with Ebates so I didn't get cash back from it. I'm not complaining though I got a great deal on a nice luggage set. I was looking a set that had a carry on that wasn't hideous. I know you can't believe I based my purchase on just the carry on. Well, not completely. I read the reviews on American Flyer luggage and was impressed. I wanted something durable, that had a good warranty just in case, was tolerable by Tim, easy to wheel and didn't have an embarrassing carry on. Even thought the color wasn't my first choice, I know the darker the better (it's just going to get beat up anyway). The 5 piece set includes 3 multi size suitcases, a rolling duffel (which was clutch) and a cute hobo looking carry on. Sold!

♥ Erin

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Nicole said...

loving that passport cover!!

glad you got your book!!!!! xoxo