Thursday, April 8, 2010

Baseball Season Has Begun!!

Well, the 2010 baseball season has begun folks! It has been a long winter and I'm so excited for what's supposed to be another great season for the Phils. Last night Tim, me and our best friend Mike went down to Nationals Stadium to see game 2 between the Nats and Phils. We were very excited that the Phillies played their first series down here so we could see them. We had so much fun tailgating with some friends we met up with. A great thing about Nationals Park is when the Phils come to town, so do all the Phils fans! It's funny being surrounded by mostly away team fans. I felt like I was back at home! Anyway, here are some of the pics from last night. By the way the Phils won 8-4!

3 Amigos

Our seats in left field

Timmy & I

My other man, Chase Utley


♥ Erin

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