Tuesday, April 27, 2010

30 Seconds To Mars Pictures

Here are a few of the millions of pictures I took at the concert on Friday. We had so much fun, I can't wait to see them again. I was also really impressed with MuteMath. Tim and I both were fans, but they are amazing live. I would love to see them headline a tour soon so I can see them again as well. It was really hard for me to decide which pictures to post. I had taken almost a hundred of all 3 bands that played. If you're friends with me on facebook you'll get to see them all, but here are the best ones for my blog readers. Enjoy!


The sickest drummer ever from MuteMath

Jared Leto himself, pink mohawk and all

They opened with my favorite song on their new album, Night of the Hunter

In the middle of the show, he left the stage and did a couple acoustic songs from the sound stage

Tim & I with MuteMath, I got a drum stick signed by the whole band

♥ Erin


Nicole said...

hey, its going in the mail tomorrow! sorry! its been crazy lately! i have it in the big envelope with your addy on it :D

Erin said...

Thanks Nicole!

Nicole said...

in the mail! i believe they said this friday! thanks for your kind patience!!!