Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Upcoming Events

There hasn't been anything exciting going on around here so I haven't had all that much to post about. So I thought I'd let you know what is coming up on my calendar. Here in DC spring has definitely sprung! It was 80 degrees this past weekend and we enjoyed every minute of it. We went for a lot of walks with Dakota, took a stroll in Reston, got some ice cream, did a little spring cleaning and played volleyball in the back yard. The best part about the whole weekend was we turned off the heat and opened the windows (which are still open by the way); I love the fresh air! Since the weather has taken a turn for the better, we are planning a lot of things to do outside.
Two of Tim's bosses are coming to town this weekend from PA, so we thought instead of taking them to Reston like we always do we'd take them to Georgetown. Tim and I surprisingly haven't been there yet since we moved and are excited to see the waterfront area and the downtown shops.

The cherry blossoms are coming! It's hard to believe that just a little over a month ago the cherry trees were severely damaged from the ridiculous snow storms we got here in DC. I'm so excited to go see them again, we had a great time last year. The blooming period this year is March 28th-April 9th and the actual festival is from March 27th-April 11th with the peak bloom date being April 1st-4th. The best thing about this year already is that my Dad, step mom and sister are visiting that weekend for Easter. They're really excited that the timing worked out and they'll be here to see the festival.


Opening Day is approaching!! I'm very excited this year that the Nats are playing the Phils for their opening series. We'll be going to game 2 on Wednesday, April 7th @ 7:05. I can't wait to get some 5 Guys and Ben's Chili Bowl!! Go Phils!!

Hopefully at some point I'll get to go see Alice in Wonderland this weekend. I've been tossing around the idea of seeing it in IMAX 3D, but I'm scared it's going to give me a migraine! I know I'm pathetic. Did any of you guys see it in IMAX 3D? What did you think?

I don't know about you guys, but I wear flip flops from March to November. So it's time to get a pedicure and pick up a few pairs of some new flops. Usually mine look pretty worn out by the end of the season since I wear them so much. I'm due for at least 2 or 3 pairs. I get my (rubber) flip flops from a number of stores: Abercrombie & Fitch, Old Navy, DSW, & Havaianas usually. I like a variety of colors, and they have to hold together for a while. I've slowly been weeding out my Old Navy collection because they thong always breaks apart from the sole no matter what I do. Old Navy flops come in a variety of colors and are super cheap, but I usually go through 2 or 3 pairs throughout the summer. Surprisingly my A&F flops can withstand a lot and so do my Havaianas. If you don't mind paying $18-$24 for rubber flops I definitely recommend them both.

♥ Erin

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