Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Must See Movie Mania

Wasn't the summer supposed to be the blockbuster movie season? Well it sure as hell doesn't feel like it! There are so many good movie coming out just this month and I don't think I can quite keep up (nor do I enjoy spending $12 every time I go see a movie). November is looking like a great movie watching month. Here is my list of the movies that are on my list and can't wait until DVD! What are some of yours?

Who knows if I'll get to see it before it comes out on DVD. I can't find anyone to go see it with me! I love being scared and even though I might not sleep for weeks, I'll love every minute of it!

I will probably be dragged to this one kicking and screaming, but I'll regret not seeing it on the big screen. Why don't I want to see this movie? For those of you who don't know me well, the movie says the world will come to end on my 30th birthday. Yep, that's right...December 21, 2012, the end of the Mayan Calendar. FML! Seriously. I'll be on an island drunk somewhere with my favorite boy in the world.

This movie has generated a lot of buzz. After watching the trailer and hearing some good reviews from people who have seen it, I'm totally sold on it. It has been described to me as tragic and triumphant. I hope to see it before it comes out on DVD. I'm sure I'll have to check it with my girlfriends.

I have been looking forward to this movie for soooo long! This movie runs a close second to the movie next on the list. I've been familiar with the Mike Oher store for a while, especially since he was drafted by the NFL this year. I love Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw and I think they'll be great on screen together. I'm sure I'll be leaving the theater with teary eyes! I've added the trailer for you guys because it's so great!

And finally...New Moon. Come one guys, you seriously can not be shocked! I really don't need to say anymore. I'll be seeing it opening night at 12:05 with bells on. I'm coming home from work and taking a nap until 10:30, I'll suck it up with no problems. I want to avoid as many screaming teens as possible. Counting down the days...isn't everybody!

Notables and wait for DVD's...

A Christmas Carol, Pirate Radio, The Box, Where the Wild Things Are & Planet 51

Stay tuned for December movie picks!

♥ Erin

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