Friday, October 9, 2009

Catching you up

Wow, what a busy few weeks! I hope everyone saw my post yesterday. I've got plenty of stuff lined up, but it's just about having the time to post it all. I'm going to start by overwhelming you with my crazy but awesome week. Hope you guys can handle it all!

Well to start my week off, I won one of the Hot 99.5 purses from their Pick A Purse contest. They start the week off with 20 bags and give them away to the 99th caller 4 times a day. They've been doing it for a few weeks now. My girlfriend won an $800 Gucci bag which she sold this week for $600. They have so many bags: Gucci, D&G, Kate Spade, & so many more. I couldn't believe it, but I got through this week and won a beautiful white Marc Jacobs bag (pictured below). I'm going to pick it up some time today and I can't wait. Plus I get a chance to win a Mini Cooper in a couple weeks! If you live in the DC area tune in to Hot 99.5 to try and get a great purse. Staring tomorrow they're giving away one every hour!

Next up...I finally got my iPhone fixed. I don't think I posted about it, but ever since the June update my iPhone has been a hot mess. It got even worse after the picture messaging update a couple weeks ago so I finally called my closest Apple store (thank God they opened one in Reston) and made an appointment. It took me 2 appointments, countless hours of restoring and replacing, and some minor complaining when they finally gave me a brand new phone. I can't even begin to tell you all the problems I was encountering so they gave me a brand new phone with everything already pre-loaded so I didn't have to do anymore updates! Hopefully my phone will go back to the way it was before June, which it looks like it has. Thank you Apple Store Reston!

While I was trying to win a purse all week, I was also trying to win tickets to see Paramore's sold out show at the Electric Factory in Philly October 17th. After my morning show in DC, I immediately switch it over to Radio 104.5 for the rest of the day (boy do I love internet radio). All week they have been giving away tickets to the show if you're the 104th texter when you hear certain Paramore songs throughout the day. Well wouldn't you know, that was me today! I was screaming and jumping up and down in my office. My boss was like, "You won something again"! Everyone has been getting a kick out of my "lucky streak". I have to call the promotions assistant back tomorrow to get all the details and I'll update everybody. I'm worried about picking up the tickets since I can't get there during normal business hours. Hopefully I can get them at will call or have them shipped. Tim is convinced that I should play the lottery and place a couple sports bets which I might be doing to see how long this lasts.

What has really been keeping me busy this week has been the start of baseball's postseason. The Fightin' Phils are traveling today to Colorado to face the Rockies in game 3 of the NLDS. The Phils won an amazing game 1 5-1 with Cliff Lee at the helm. Yesterday's game didn't go their way, they lost 5-4. It was a close won yesterday and at one point I really thought they were coming back, but it was just too little too late. So tonight I get a breather to gear up for the game tomorrow where they're calling for 29 degree weather in Colorado. Yikes!! More importantly the games have been starting at 2:30 while I'm at work where I can't get the game, then I go to my car where I listen to it on 570AM (while screaming and clapping loudly and looking like a crazy woman in my car) to finally my house where I refuse to move from the same spot on my couch until it's over. It's been a rough couple of days, let's just say that.

Hopefully my luck hasn't run out yet because I entered this great giveaway/raffle that Prep-E Girl has going on right now. It's not free, you have to pay $5/ticket(donation) and the proceeds go to a charity called Puppies Behind Bars. Come on guys it's a great cause and you could win a custom made Phillies tote filled with goodies. Click here to check it out. The raffle is going on until 10/10 so hurry up and get your ticket!

Well guys you're officially caught up. I've got a busy weekend ahead and I can't wait to post about it next week. My friend Jane is coming into town and we have a fun filled weekend planned. Tonight we're going to a haunted woods by our house, Saturday we'll either visit a local winery or head into DC, and on Sunday we're going to Oktoberfest in Reston. I can't wait. I hope everyone has a great weekend and GO PHILS!

♥ Erin

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Prep-E Girl said...

Thank you so much! You're so sweet!!!

Sorry if you thought I was complaining about the text! I feel bad now. :(

I'm also really happy that you like my collars! Sadly, I can't get my hands on any reasonable Phillies fabric (you can only buy it via eBay and people want like $60 a year!).

Thanks for being a great bloggie friend!