Thursday, September 10, 2009

Current Playlist Volume 1

I don't know about everyone, but I am a HUGE music fan. I'm constantly downloading new and old music. I believe there is a soundtrack to everyone's life and no matter what you're feeling there's a song out there to match it. Lately I got a whole bunch of new music and a couple of some oldies that I didn't have. I have such a crazy mix of music in my iPod, I like everything from Indie to Classical. I wanted to put together my current playlist and highlight some great bands I've come across. After typing them all out I realized I had a lot so I'm going to split up the posts over a couple weeks.

MGMT - Kids
*Just an all around great alternative, happy song.
Jason Derulo - Watcha Say
*I love this song because of the background vocals of Imogen Heap that are from her song, Hide And Seek.
Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes
*Heard this song on my internet radio, I heart radio, while I was listening to Radio 104.5 out of Philly. I realized I didn't have it in my iPod and downloaded as soon as I got home.
Matisyahu - One Day
*Such a great, catchy tune from a very unique artist.
Muse - Uprising
*Muse is one of those bands that are hit and miss for me, some songs are awesome while others just don't do anything for me. The band is also Twilight author Stephanie Meyer's favorite.
Cage the Elephant - Ain't No Rest for the Wicked
*Another song that just got me from the first moment I heard it.
Civil Twilight - Letters from the Sky
*What an awesome haunting song, look for an artist spotlight on these guys soon.
Kelly Clarkson - Already Gone
*I loved her album, My December, which was considered a flop because it was a more edgy Clarkson than we had seen. This song reminds me of that album in a way. It's not as pop as she has been and is just a great ballad by her.
Three 6 Mafia feat. Kaleena - Shake My
*These guys are what I wanna hear when I'm out to dance! This new song is going to be a hit!
MuteMath - Backfire
*This band has just totally got me! I first heard of them because they were on the Twilight soundtrack, and this song I heard at Camden Yards last week. I'll be doing an artist spotlight on them as well at some point.
Anberlin - True Faith
*I absolutely love this band. Their new single is a cover by New Order and they did an amazing job. They also do a great cover of The Cure's Love Song.

Artist Spotlight:

A band I stumbled across actually while perusing iTunes last week. I immediately fell in love with them from the first song I heard. Here is the album review from iTunes:

"Mixing full-throttle rock with dollops of blue-eyed soul, vintage R&B and melodic pop radio anthems in-the-making, Parachute has arrived.
The band's debut Mercury/Island Def Jam Music Group album takes off from the individual members' shared histories, from "She Is Love," the ballad torch song and first single, with its Van Morrison-like scatting by lead singer/songwriter/guitarist and piano player Will Anderson, to Nate McFarland's chiming, The Edge-styled chunks of guitar laced through "Back Again," "Under Control," "Ghost," "Words Meet Heartbeats" and "All That I Am." With a diverse selection of influences ranging from old-school legends like Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Paul Simon and Journey to newer acts like U2, Coldplay, Weezer, Ben Folds, Maroon 5, John Mayer, Jay-Z, Kanye West, The Fray and the Arcade Fire, the group began to attract a rabid local following under the name Sparky's Flaw. Make no mistake about it. Parachute is headed for a happy landing."

The album is great, but my favorite songs are: All That I Am, She Is Love, Ghost, & Blame It On Me. Another great thing about the band is that they are local from Charlottesville, VA where they met in high school and went to college at UVA together. Please check them out and let me know what you think.

♥ Erin

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