Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Are You Ready For Some Football??!!!

Football season is finally here! Thursday kicked off the 2009 college football season, but Saturday I was planted in front of the TV. The only thing I hate about being in Virginia is the fact that I don't really get to see my home teams play, but I still got to see some really good games. My day started out great with PSU beating Akron 31-7. I didn't get to see the game, but I saw all the highlights! They play again next Saturday, September 12th @ noon vs. Syracuse.

Some notable wins from last week:

Villanova beat Temple (my alma mater) 27-24

Alabama#5 beat VTech#7 34-24

OSU#6 beat Navy 31-27

BYU#20 beat Oklahoma#3 14-13 (HUGE upset)

USC#4 beat San Jose State 56-3

Oklahoma State#9 beat Georgia#13 24-10

Miami beat Florida State#18 38-34

Check back soon for updated Top 25 poll as soon as it's released after week 1!

Don't forget to tune in tonight for the series premier of Melrose Place tonight on the CW @ 9!

♥ Erin

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Erin said...

really? melrose place? i dunno.. ashlee simpson makes me a little nervous. ahha