Tuesday, September 15, 2009

All About New Moon

Well unless you live under a rock I'm sure you at least heard about the MTV VMA's last night. Yes there was soooo much drama for your mama, enough to make me want to buy my own "Kanye is a Douchebag" t-shirt and wear it everywhere! Because of all the other Beyonce/Kanye/Taylor triangle, there really was not enough press about the New Moon trailer that previewed. I thought it was amazing! I'm so excited to see it I can't believe it's so close. I am much happier than I was about Twilight. Everybody looks great. Dakota Fanning was a great choice for Jane and I am soooo impressed that they got Michael Sheen (not related to all the Sheens) to play Aro. You may recognize him from the Underworld movies, Frost vs. Nixon, & The Queen just to name a few. I love him as an actor, even though I imagined an older actor playing Aro, I'm sure he will not disappoint me. After the second trailer was released I was a little disappointed by the wolves. I wanted them to be meaner and I felt they were too cute and cuddly, I guess I wanted something a little more mean (like the Underworld Lycans). I have to say I am thoroughly impressed. Below is the trailer, let me know what you guys think!

Today I was listening to my internet radio (as always) and I heard a new Death Cab for Cutie that is going to be on the New Moon soundtrack! I also snagged a picture of the new cover art.

The soundtrack is set to release on October 20th. Other artists slated for the soundtrack are: Muse (duh! no shocker there), Coldplay, Radiohead or Thom Yorke solo, Band of Skulls, & possibly The Used...what a lineup! You can pre-order the soundtrack at Amazon and you can check out all things New Moon here, it's where I go to get the latest dish!

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