Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Clearance Buys

Last week I was browsing some of the blogs I follow and I was checking out The Look 4 Less blog and this post caught my eye. It was a picture of Jennifer Aniston on the set of her new movie in these really great capris. They turned out to be from A&F,and even though I'm trying to expand my wardrobe away from that stuff I took a peek at their clearance sale (since that's the only way I'd buy clothes from that store anymore). I found some really cute things that were super cheap and won't make me feel like I would look like a 19 year old to wear them out in public.

Kerry Tube Top in Burgundy

Brianna Tee in Navy

Noelle Sweatshirt in Navy

I'll post pictures of how they look when they get here next week. I got my Rue La La packages today! I already tried everything on and it all looks great! I'll be posting pics this week.

♥ Erin


See, Jane... said...

ooh! love that sweatshirt!

Christina said...

oh love those finds. im gonna be good. glad you liked ur rue la la stuff.