Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer Reading

Summer is a great time of year to catch up on some great reads while your relaxing at the beach or poolside. I have read some great books this summer that I normally wouldn't spark my interest. Earlier this summer I read The Mortal Instruments Trilogy which I thought was sooo good. My neighbor, Jenny, recommended the books and lent them to me (which is a great cost saver by the way). It had the dynamics of the Twilight series, but was so much more imaginative.

So now I'm on a mission to find the next book I want to start reading. There are so many that spark my interest, especially ones that are summer movies this year. I got my weekly Borders coupon in my email this morning (which I will post for everyone to use), and I was perusing the website to see if anything else sparked my interest. To start, I found four books I'm interested in reading. If anyone has any suggestions or reviews about them please let me know! Was there a must have book of the summer I missed? Fill me in!

I absolutely loved Emily's Something Borrowed and Something Blue which was another suggestion by friend and fellow blogger Christina. I wasn't sure about her books, but once I started reading I couldn't put them down. By the way Christina, I know you read this and I still have those books to give back to you! That's how long it's been since we've seen you guys!

I had seen this book in the book store for so long meant to grab it, but I just kept choosing other books over it. A couple days ago I saw the trailer for the movie and I finally was like, "I need to read this book!" Whether I read it first or see the movie, it's right up my alley. I'm such a sucker for good love stories and I see everything with Rachel McAdams, plus Eric Bana is pretty easy on the eyes too.

This book like The Time Traveler's Wife have been on my reading list for quite some time. However, I will most likely read the book before seeing this on the big screen. I read articles about fans and the author being furious with the ending of the movie. Usually I'm pretty good at separating books and their movies as two different entities. I am very excited to read this though, and I've heard it's a must read for anyone who has a family member diagnosed with cancer.

I almost shot out of my chair to run out to borders and go pick up this book until I realized it wasn't out yet! I love Dan Brown and I especially love the Robert Langdon books from him. He has a new book coming out September 15th that follows Robert Langdon through yet another adventure filled with many twists and turns. I cannot wait to pick this up. Everyone knows about Brown's already successful DaVinci Code and Angels and Demons, but you should also check out some of his other books that don't follow his famous Robert Langdon character. They are just as suspensful and great to read.

Finally, if you're a True Blood fan, you have to read The Southern Vampire Mysteries series of novels by Charlaine Harris in which the television series is based on. There are now 9 novels in total. This is a series I'm going to have to start in the winter when I have a little more time.

I hope you guys enjoy my pics, and as always I love your feedback. Let me know what you think of my pics and add some of your own!

♥ Erin


erin fenton said...

if you're wanting to read a great book, try 'The Beach' by alex garland (the one that the movie is based on) - it's an amazing book and the movie doesn't do it any favors.

another good one: "the sex lives of cannibals". it's about a guy who goes to live on an atoll in the equatorial pacific, and, hilarity ensues. definitely check these out:)

Christina said...

I have Love the One Your With and Baby Proof (Emily Giffin) you can borrow and I'm reading Time Traveler's Wife so you can borrow it when I'm done. We need to get together soon.