Thursday, July 23, 2009

Back from Hiatus!!

Sorry guys, I know it's been almost a month since I posted last. All of a sudden the summer got sooo busy. Before I start posting like crazy I'll give you guys some background with what's been going on and why I've been MIA.

What has been keeping us the busiest perhaps is house hunting! That's right, after a year of being in the DC metro area we decided that this would be a great place to permanently call "home". After having a couple realtor issues, we finally found a fantastic realtor! She is so awesome, her name is Carolyn Capalbo and she works for Keller Williams Realty. If you're looking for a house, find a realtor really is half the battle and she is everything we needed in a realtor. We couldn't be happier. Unfortunately, with good news usually comes bad. Currently the inventory in this area is in a slump, shocking I know. Basically there is a huge backup of bank owned properties, but the banks just aren't releasing them as of yet. So all of the homes that were out on the market the last few months have all gone into negotiation and are pending. Until the banks release the inventory they have whatever is left on the market is getting bought up, and what's left is really no good. Our realtor says once that happens it's gonna be insane, but until then house hunting is getting frustrating and boring! I'll keep you posted with that situation as it unfolds.

Next's wedding season! We had a wedding the last weekend in May, we have one this weekend, one next weekend, and one at the end of August! Whew!! Of course what else comes with weddings but bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, and showers! Not to mention that all of these weddings are back up in Pennsylvania & one wedding is in Omaha, Nebraska which we decided to skip since flights were outrageous. This weekend coming up is our friends Jess & Matt in Lahaska, PA. I promise to post some of the pictures from the event next week!

It seems that every chance we get we've been trying to do as much outside as possible (and do I have the bug bites to prove it!) . Whether it's been going to see the latest summer movie, playing with the dog, going to parties, or playing volleyball we have been on the go. Tim is a huge volleyball player and when it's warm he loves playing beach. He belongs to a summer league and I have been going to his games since it's so fun to watch. I just uploaded pictures from the last game, and I'll post a few of the good ones. If games get cancelled a bunch of us get together at the courts and play for fun. We've also been trying to meet up every Sunday morning and play for a few hours then hit up the pool. It's great for your tan and great for your bod at the same time!

Lastly, we'll be pretty busy preparing for another member to become part of our family! Tim's sister Grace is pregnant! Tim and I are so excited to be an Aunt & Uncle. She is 13 weeks along and just posted pictures of her ultrasound of facebook. I'll have to post a few here too! So we have tried to go up to PA when we can, and hopefully her and her boyfriend can come down here when she's feeling a little better.

So that's it guys, you're all caught up! Stay tuned for some great posts coming up!

♥ Erin

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Christina said...

Congrats on being an aunt! It's the BEST thing ever. I spoil my niece and nephew.